Graduated and other good news!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Wow, it's about time I updated! I feel like I keep saying this every time... I swear I'll get better at it at some point! Many things have happened since my internship, for one I have actually graduated! Which in the beginning felt like it was just a vacation, and I was almost waiting to get back to school again. But now it's starting to feel right and I'm prepared to go out there and kick some animation butt! Here is what I actually worked on the last year of my bachelor (along with seven other students):

Other than that I've been fortunate enough to get a job at Nørlum, where I'll be animating on "Song of the Sea" (which is being made by Cartoon Saloon)! If you haven't heard about it, below I have posted the teaser Cartoon Saloon made a few years back. It looks like it will become a really beautiful film and I'm super excited to get to work on it!

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