Sketchbook revival

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just got back to a forgotten sketchbook from early last year. I keep finding half filled sketchbooks around the apartment... BUT I will finish them this time aha-ha-ha! And then I found these, which I wanted to post~

Big things happening now! My final exam next is monday. I will be the very last person of the whole class... I just want to get it over with alright so I can stop holding my breath! Aaand then, friday next week, I'll be graduating! Wait what.... graduating... That word still sounds so odd to me. I can't believe I won't have any more school (at least for a long while)! And after that it's out in the big world of animation :D

Also (a rather late) Happy New Year to you all! Hope you had an awesome 2012 and may this year be just as epic~