Paris in... Denmark?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We went on a little "road trip" today, and were delighted to come across Paris in the middle of nowhere! It had approximately five houses and I didn't see any Eiffel tower nor did they speak french... but hey, we were in Paris. Yey!


Stine tries hats!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last christmas my boyfriend and I went to Peru to visit his parents who lived there at the time (his father worked there for a year or so). We had the most amazing stay; they even took us out backpacking. We went to places like Cusco and Macchu Picchu, and on the way we came across tons upon tons of markets. I can't express enough how awesome I think those kinds of markets are! All kinds of hand made things (I'll probably make a post with some pictures of places we went and some things we bought at some point later). They had so many different hats, so we decided to make a little "project" out of it and make some kind of a time-lapse. I think I tried on about 90 hats all in all, and I wish I could have brought them all home with me!

Out of the Ordinary

Update, yay!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why hello there, it's been a while! Where to begin... The past 9 (or so) months I've been working on a bachelor film, called "Out of the Ordinary", along with seven other wonderful and talented people; Tommy Kinnerup, Sigrid Tangen, Keld Nissen, Sandra N. Andersen, Atli Hafsteinsson, Dennis Jensen, Nikki Starostka (you can find them all on the blog I posted). I won't be able to share it until after our graduation in January but I posted the poster and some screenshots below! I'm practically done with the education now, all that remains is to finish the thesis and go on my internship, woohoo! The internship agreement is yet to be written so I don't want to write anything about where I'm going, but I can tell you I'm SUPER excited and can't wait to get started in the world of animation! Until then; summerrr vacation!