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Sunday, November 04, 2012

New Paris sketchbook, random pretty street and octopus awesomeness! And oouh, see the Eiffel Tower glitters! >u<

Sooooo, if you didn't already guess it.. I'm in Paris! hence the silly Paris in Denmark post earlier teehee. This Paris is slightly more french than the one I went to this summer x) I was lucky enough to get my internship at Illumination MacGuff over here (along with my classmate Christoffer Andersen)! They're all very friendly and nice to us, and it's a really great place to be! At the moment they're working on Despicable Me 2; you can see the trailer to it here

It's very inspiring to be around so many talented animators/artists here, so I've started getting my creative juices flowing again, yay! The last couple of days I've even got the taste for observational drawing too. Can't believe I didn't do it much before!

Also trying to improve my french. Well learn french. Guess who regrets she didn't pay attention in french class now ehem-- Still it's fun to try to learn a language from scratch, even though after a month I still only have the vocabulary of a baby ^^; 

Anyways, so to not make this post too long, have a mermaid! couldn't help myself, they're too much funnn~

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